Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fridate: Bistro Ravioli ♥

Yesterday: Fridate with my beloved best friend, Althea! She just had a defense before she met up with me in MOA. And hooray for her! It's officially the start of her sembreak! =)) 

My Best Friend! ♥ 

We looked around for somewhere to eat and decided to eat in Bistro Ravioli! What attracted us to dine there was their interior and the ambiance they gave off! We had no idea that it would be such a wonderful decision! 

Bistro Ravioli ♥
"The goodness of fresh pasta and brick oven-baked pizza"

I ordered Cacio e pepe which is a cheese pepper pasta! It was heavenly. I'm not a fan of pepper but I actually enjoyed it. Hihihi! 

Cacio e pepe (Php168)

Althea ordered Bolognese spaghetti (Php 168) She said "Tomato-ey. Masarap! All blended well and the pasta was very firm" We also ordered Herb Chicken (Php 250). It was great. It had lots of flavor. Didn't need to put the gravy :) 

You guys should visit them! They also have branches in Robinson's Place Ermita & Glorietta 3. For updates and details, check out their website: Bistro Ravioli 

Last photo of the night! ♥ 

Had so much fun!! Thank you Lord!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Black Canyon Coffee

I wanted to see my high school friends badly so I decided to invite them for coffee. Sadly, Riza, Tiff and Marj couldn't go because they had class till 6pm. It was just Roxanne & Jean with their boyfriends and I :)) We went to SM Southmall and looked for a nice coffee place and discovered Black Canyon Coffee! 

Black Canyon Coffee is a cafe and restaurant from Thailand

Red Bean Green Tea Frappe (Php 125)
Oreo Frappe (Php 110) 

It took us awhile to order because of their wide choices of coffee and beverages. I settled for Red Bean Green Tea Frappe.  Jean got Oreo Frappe and Cranberry Chocolate Frappe (Php 120) for Stephen. Roxanne and Charles shared a Cranberry Coffee Frappe (Php125). I wasn't able to take a decent photo of the others because my camera was low bat. I had to use my cellphone instead. :( All in all, it was exactly what their slogan says "A drink from paradise available on Earth" :)

Butterscotch Cream Cheese Cake (Php 110)
Apple Pie (Php 150)

We ordered a slice of Butterscotch Cream Cheese Cake and Apple pie for sharing and enjoyed the late afternoon talking about random stuff and some catching up with each other. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!! It was so nice seeing you guys! >>:D<<

Stephen and Jean  

Roxanne and Charles  

Me. Forever Alone! :))

I'll be going back to try out their food next. I checked out their menu. Lots of choices and their prices are so affordable. You guys should visit them. They are located at the Food Street area of SM Southmall. For updates and details, check out their Facebook page: Black Canyon Coffee Philippines  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fukuya Japanese Restaurant

After class, Steph and I went to Festival Mall. We decided to eat lunch in Fukuya. The first time we ate here was two years ago and now we are back for more. Hihi! 

I ordered Curry Udon - Php 150. I was not able to take a decent photo of it because I couldn't wait and ate it immediately. Haha! It was delicious! You get that amazing curry flavor while slurping the warm noodles! Absolutely perfect for the rainy season! Yum! Yum! :)

Futomaki (Whole) - Php 185

Personal Favorite: Futomaki, thick sushi rolls around two inches in diameter. They are simply heavenly! I couldn't it eat in one bite. But it depends, if you have a huge mouth I think you'll be able manage. Haha! Steph got Ebi Tempura Bento. When it was served, we were surprised by size of bento box. It was huge! O_O It had salad and a slice of pineapple as side dishes. :)

The enticing food display!

Love this restaurant! If your craving for authentic Japanese food, head over to Fukuya. You can find them at the 3rd floor beside Red Ribbon. You will surely love it! ♥ 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

ACEF 2012

I've been looking for part-time jobs or something I can do to earn a bit of money because I've wanting to buy a DSLR. As I was in the middle of the search, Ate Ritzy asked me if I was interested to do some logistics, ushering and assisting in this event by Asian Development Bank (ADB). I gave it a try. Thankfully, I got in! 

When I first entered ADB, I was like "Oh my gosh! It's so freaking nice here." I would kill to work regularly there. =)) Going back, twenty-three of us had to prepare for the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2012 (June 4-8). Two days before the event we were assigned with different tasks and packed hundreds of event kits. I got assigned in the speakers' and ADB funded registration.

Badges of Some Delegates

Gidjette, Gel and Denize

Pam, Nikkie, Aireen, Camille

Our call time was early and we had to wear black the whole time. O_O Registration was fun. Got the opportunity to meet important people attending the event. When we weren't busy, we would eat, talk and do other stuff but we still made sure we are doing the things that were assigned to us. Hahaha! 

At The Cocktails

On the night before the last day, we went to the cocktails, drank a few drinks, took some photos, and ate. I enjoyed the desserts most. ( One thing you should know is that I ♥ sweets! ) 

With Russell :"> He is so cute!! You would just want to hug him!

Gift From One Of The Speakers

ACEF 2012 Ushers with Ms. Eve ♥

After a week of working, I was happy but sad at the same time. Happy because I won't be waking up early to get to work and sad because I had to say goodbye to the new friends I made. It's true that when you work with people, you will certainly get to know them better. I thank the Lord for allowing me to meet and work with such wonderful people. I'll never forget the things I learned and gained from this experience. Good jobs guys! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Gonna Make This Right

Starting in



I've been reading lots of blogs for the past years. I always wanted to start one but I always told myself that it would be such a struggle. Now, I'm up for the challenge!  I finally decided to seriously make one! 

Watch out for my everyday adventures, discoveries, inspirations and randomness!  

Hope you guys will find my blog enjoyable! :D